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This handsome chapeau is another fabulous flat cap from our 'Dewan Collection.' The brown/black/beige plaid print in a polyester blend and 2% spandex makes it lightweight and can be worn anywhere/anytime. The warm blend of plaid and corduroy with a vibrant tangerine lining and two-toned beak creates a timeless look. Available in size ML. 

Cappuccino & Corduroy Flat Cap

GST/HST Included |
  • Hand wash your cap in a sink or basin with lukewarm water, do NOT use hot water as this may cause the cap to shrink or colours to bleed.

    Add 2-5 drops (approximately 1/4 a capful Woolite or mild laundry soap and let ‘liner’ soak for 10-15 minutes. If you prefer, you can soak the entire crown of cap.

    You don’t have to soak the beak. Just spot wash if dirty.

    Using a small soft brush, gently scrub sweatband and lining. DO NOT BRUSH LABEL!

    Agitate the cap for a minute with clean hands. Rinse cap with lukewarm water and dry excess water with a clean, dry towel.

    Allow flat cap to reshape and let dry on a flat surface.

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